WordPress In 2020

Hey, what’s going on guys welcome to our practical guide and overview for WordPress. This is something that we start this year and we have the plan to continue it every year. It’s basically a complete map of technologies and aspects that are relevant to WordPress at least at this time and this includes things like languages frameworks libraries tools and it’s a guide for all types of developers from front-end backend and WordPress designer. The reason we start this to help you kind of pick your path and pick what you want to learn and also just to let you know what’s what because there’s a lot of technologies out there and when you hear something like Headless WordPress, frontity we want you guys to know what that is and then you can choose if you want to learn it or not all right so before we get started with technologies and tools and all that let’s take a look at what you want to do because there’s a lot of different reasons to want to learn WordPress. So let’s start with the necessities of basic system tools for learning WordPress. obviously, you need a computer, localhost or a live website of our own will be great. Even we can use a service like testwp.

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