WordPress 5.4 is here! Here’s what you need to know!

The highly anticipated release of 2020, WordPress 5.4 “Adderley” was released earlier today. Named after jazz trumpeter, Nat Adderley, WordPress 5.4 comes with New Welcome Guide for New Users, major Gutenberg ”WordPress WordPress block editor” updates, Enhanced privacy tools, New features for developers, Improved site health monitoring tools and so on. Let’s dive into more details on which features you should try after updating your websites into this version.

New Welcome Guide for New Users:

Although it took a decent amount of time to fully integrate the Gutenberg editor as a default editor for the WordPress post. Many of us might find the Gutenberg editor a little daunting and confusing at first. With this release, this has over. Now under the ‘more tools & options’ menu, a welcome guide has been added:

Major Gutenberg Changes:

This version was highly focused on content editing to make experience better which leads to new features, enhancements, and new blocks.

–>Fullscreen Editor will be Default in WordPress 5.4

  1. More Color Options for Blocks
  2. Block Selection Tool
  3. Drag and Drop to Add Featured Image
  4. Better Mobile Toolbar for Block Editor
  5. Select Image Sizes in the Gallery Block
  6. Improved Latest Posts Block
  7. And You Can Now Embed TikTok Videos in WordPress
    –>New Blocks in WordPress 5.4
  8. 1. The Social Icons Block
  9. The Buttons Block

Improvements on Personal Privacy Practices

With this latest version from now on, you will experience improvements in existing privacy tools. wich will bring session tokens, community events location and custom use meta on personal data exports.

Changes especially for developers:

  1. From now on Developers can add their own keyboard shortcuts to the Gutenberg block editor
  2. New hooks will allow you to add custom fields to the menu items.

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