Headless WordPress: Introduction Of Creating A Decoupled WordPress

Headless WordPress: A Brief Introduction to Creating A Decoupled WordPress

The only thing that one really knows about human nature is that it changes. So technology. Although every changes not meant to be successful, fruitful, it creates a new opportunity to explore more. Today we will look at one of the changes which bring a new window, and that is Headless WordPress.

As for the time being WordPress has changed from simple blogging to eCommerce and what not. As of today, now almost 40% of the web is using WordPress as their CMS. Not just 40 %, big enterprises like Microsoft blog and others are using WordPress. TO keep the changes continue WordPress has introduced the REST API in 2016. It brings the developer community a new level of confidence to do go beyond the boundary of the typical view of WordPress.

So, what is HeadLess WordPress? It’s a new approach to decoupling the CMS ( Content Management System ). Every web or CMS works as a couple. What it means is there is a back end and the other is the frontend. Backend and frontend get to gather as a couple to bring some smoothness to the user experience for a large number of users, mostly for those who are non-techy. And Matt’s vision for creating WordPress was for the non-techy person.

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